Hoverboard Training

Feel safer knowing your child has been through Ride N Fly’s training programme in a safe environment to learn the new skills they need to use hoverboards and other personal motion devices. Hoverboards have swept the nation and are the latest in Motion technology. Please ensure they are used safely.

Whilst they are great fun, they are also quite fast and need to be treated with care, especially for your first experience. Why not learn to ride the fun and easy way with one of our skilled instructors followed by freestyle boarding, It’s great fun!

Bring your family and friends to one of our local events or hire us for your own event.

Hoverboard Experience Event Crew

The Team

Our team are focused on providing you with the training you need to know to use hoverboards safely and manoeuvre your way around. We are here to help and create an awesome experience.

Hoverboard Experience Group Neon Venue

Additional Training

Additional training is also available with our individual sessions, which include training in all aspects of safety, speed, manoeuvring and some cool tricks.

Hoverboard Experience Kids Having Fun

Safety First

We always advise that hoverboards are always used in a safe and controlled environment, which we will always provide. At Ride N Fly safety is our priority and we would always advise you use the safety equipment we provide when hoverboarding.