We have lots of fun and exhilarating games to play on the hoverboards for all ages to keep everyone entertained.

Basketball on Hoverboards

A great Team game with the aim to score as many hoops as possible

Bull Dog on Hoverboards

Race from one end to the other without being caught by our Bull Dogs

Crazy Waiter on Hoverboards

Teams racing against each other balancing an egg or ball on a plate

Egg & Spoon Race on Hoverboards

Two Teams racing against each other balancing an egg on a spoon

Football on Hoverboards

Choose from a half ball that slides, a Mini football or Inflatable football

Hockey on Hoverboards

Two Teams Two Goals! Plastic Hockey Sticks & an Air Ball

Hot Potato on Hoverboards

Toss the "Potato" to the Music. You are out if you have the potato when the music stops

Musical Statues on Hoverboards

Dance to the latest music around the room and freeze as soon as the music stops

Noughts & Crosses on Hoverboards

Two Teams race across the arena to choose their next move.

Relay Races on Hoverboards

Two Teams racing against each other either in a straight line or in between the cones

Rounders on Hoverboards

The further you hit the ball the more time you have to win yourself a rounder

Scramble on Hoverboards

Challenge against the clock to see who finishes the obstacle course the quickest

Stuck in the Mud on Hoverboards

Dodge the other team players when tagged you are stuck until  your team frees you

Tag on Hoverboards

A Version of Rugby Tag using a Velcro belt with rip off strips

Treasure Hunt on Hoverboards

Search for the hints & clues and be the first to win the prize!

Inflatables & Dress Items

A various assortment of inflatables to play with & fun items to wear

Limbo Hoverboarding

Great fun to play in the disco using our LED limbo stick